1/2 lbs of Red Wigglers / Compost / Eggs for composting

You will receive 1/2 lbs of Red Wigglers/Compost & Eggs to start or boost your composting project.  There will be +100  live (E. Festida) Red Wigglers in different stages, and several dozen worm eggs shipped with compost. This will be the COMPLETE ingredients to head start a new compost project or to boost the performance of an existing setup.Care instruction is included.Worms are “packed safely” and are guaranteed to arrive live.

Shipment includes a 16 oz transparent compost bin and compost to feed the worms during transport. Worms can stay comfortably in their shipped home and do not need to be transferred after arrival.  Worms are light sensitive; please keep the portable home in a dark place.

The transparent compost bin is ideal to check on the hungry worms from time to time and to see how much compost they produce. You will be able to see the lime/brown color eggs once the worms are adjusted to the new environment and began reproducing. This is an excellent way to teach children about true meaning of recycling.

This would make a perfect gift for anyone committed to reducing our carbon foot print. Please contact us with any questions you might have.  Ongoing support will be provided to ensure a successful composting project is achieved. Worms are shipped in a breathable compost bin.

Shipping within US only.

Thank you!

Your Environmental Friend